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Julian Lin (PhD)

Dr. Julian Lin is a Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity and Data Analytics with School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and has a dozen other IT certifications. Recently, Julian was ranked 6th in the Microsoft Data Science Capstone Competition . He has been conducting text-analytics research since 2010 and teaching visualization since 2007.

During his IT consultancy career, he oversaw the application and infrastructure projects in Amoseas, Mannesmann Dematic Colby (Sydney), Alcatel (Sydney), and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Faculty of Commerce and Economics. Julian has taught programming and data management for business at UNSW. At NUS, he had mentored student software development projects and taught visual communications, designing new media content, and research methods. He was given a teaching award AY2011-2012 for visualization class and research award for user acceptance research in NUS.

Julian obtained a PhD degree in Information Systems from NUS. He was a recipient of two scholarships from the Overseas Chinese Association in Taiwan while pursuing his Bachelor degree and another scholarship while pursuing a Master degree in Australia.

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Editorial Service

Associate Editor
International Conference on Information System (ICIS, the tier 1 conference in IS) 2011

Programme Committee
The Pre-International Conference on Information Systems Human Computer Interaction and Management Information Systems since 2008.

Program Chair
International Workshop on Social Networks and E-Services (SNES-2013)  http://icacci-conference.org/site/snes2013

ICA Nominating Committee
With Jennifer Stromer-Galley, University at Albany, SUNY, and
Oscar Peters, University of Twente. 2011

Technical Programme Committee
International Workshop on Recent Advances in Medical Informatics (RAMI-2012) http://www.icacci-conference.org/RAMI2012.html

Interacting with Computers-
European Conference on Information Systems-
IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication-
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management-
MIS Quarterly-
Journal of American Society for Information-
Information & Management-
International Conference on Information Systems-
Pacific Asia Conference for Information System-
International Communication Association-

Academic Service

Honours Cordinator (2011-2015)-
Fire Warden(2009-Present)-
Department Ethical Review Committee (DERC) (2011-2015)-
DERC Chair (2014-2015)-
Caring Action in Response to Emergency-
Research Talk Convener/Organizer-